Going into the game with the Chicago Bears the Dallas Cowboys are playing .500 football. Now, that’s nothing new. Well, nothing new if you eliminate this past season in which Tony Romo was out of action almost as much as the United States Congress. But, politics is not the topic and I really desire to get your input.

Introducing: Jason Garrett's Cowboys QB of the Future! ('Click the Pic' For the Entire Story)

“This Bed Is Tooooo Hard!!”


I am posting the link to the Cowboys upcoming Schedule. Then, posted will be a GLB Friends Poll!

I am wondering if you, the Fans, are holding onto Hope for the Dak led Cowboys Team or, is it just a another of our oft-appearing mirages that keep evaporating into oblivion just when it appears there is going to be real relief from the relentless Cowboys failures. And when Failure becomes the calling-card for our expectations the heat, again being rightly applied by Cowboys Fans, will target the Dallas Cowboys Organization. The target’s bulls-eye will be firmly affixed to a single individual: Mr. Jerry Jones.

Romo Has "How Much $$$$$" Remaining On His Contract????

 “I Still Owe Romo HOW MUCH $$$$$$$???”

Winners? Losers? Or just playing about average where they Win One game and Lose Two games and then… maybe Win another?

Okay, here is the Dallas Cowboys upcoming schedule. Look it over and then decide which of the Polling Answers best agrees with your predictive thoughts. I will post my Personal thoughts later this week.

To Dak, or Not To Dak. That may indeed be the question. (See the Tony Romo Reminder below.)

(Click on the pic for the Schedule!)


.      .  And now… The GLB Friends Poll!

The NFC East will not be the cakewalk that all your big-time sports broadcasters have been saying it is. That can be a good thing for the Boys. But, each game will require a building block of  trust in our Rookie QB. Then, and “if” Romo returns? Make vacation plans for early January (2017). Why? Because Tony “Pringles” Romo will again be crumbled all over the NFL fields like the frail potato-chip player he has become. Simply stated: “Adios Playoffs.”

I look forward to see the Polling Results!!!

GLB Says… Later!

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